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Our 2022
Impact Report

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Natural Gas

  • 12 projects
  • 5,660 megawatts in operation


  • 4,199 miles of transmission & collection lines developed


  • 8 projects
  • 109.5 megawatts in operation


  • 24 projects
  • 1,643 megawatts in operation


  • 101 projects
  • 16,076 megawatts in operation

30 Gigawatts in 20 Years, How Far We’ve Come.

As we reached our 20th anniversary and 30 gigawatt milestones, we celebrated the incredible achievements of our team over the last two decades. This year was not only historic for Invenergy, but for the clean energy industry as a whole.

Michael Polsky,

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Megawatts in Operation


Our portfolio growth in 2022


Megawatts added


Projects added


Construction jobs supported

Projects newly operational in 2022

Energía del Pacífico (LNG), El Salvador 380 MW
Fenicias Wind Energy Center, Mexico
168 MW
La Toba Energy Center (Solar), Mexico
32 MW
La Toba Energy Center (Storage), Mexico
20 MW
Orangeville Energy Center (Storage), NY
20 MW
Plymouth Wind Energy Center, IA
200 MW
Thunderhead Wind Energy Center, NE
300 MW
Traverse Wind Energy Center, OK
999 MW
Samson Solar Energy Center, TX
250 MW
Samson III Solar Energy Center, TX
250 MW
Westar Storage, KS
1 MW

Portfolio Growth Map
Invenergy united states

In 2022, we added seven projects to our U.S. operating portfolio, and fourteen projects to the Invenergy Services U.S. portfolio.

Invenergy mexico

Commercial operations began at Fenicias Wind Energy Center, located in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and La Toba Solar and Storage Energy Center, located in Baja California, Mexico. 

Invnergy el salvador

We reached commercial operations for Energía del Pacífico (EDP), an LNG-to-power project located at the Port of Acajutla in El Salvador in May of 2022. This project is providing reliable power to meet up to 30% of El Salvador’s energy demand, while offsetting 600,000 tons of CO₂ per year. 

Invnergy brazil

The Invenergy Services’ team international presence grew exponentially in 2022 with our entry into Brazil and expansion in Spain. We acquired Alísios, a Brazilian company specialized in operating wind farms, and HUSO Renovables, a leading renewables operations and maintenance provider in Spain. 

Invenergy spain

The Invenergy Services’ team international presence grew exponentially in 2022 with our entry into Brazil and expansion in Spain. We acquired Alísios, a Brazilian company specialized in operating wind farms, and HUSO Renovables, a leading renewables operations and maintenance provider in Spain. 

Advancing Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to advancing the co-existence of our projects with their surrounding environments through development, construction and operations.

Illustration - Environment (lottie bg)
10.1 million tons

766 million

trees planted

CO2 equivalent

9.9 million

cars off the road

CO2 equivalent

Net Zero by 2050

For over 20 years, we have led the transition to clean energy, enabling our customers to prevent over 215 million tons of CO2 emissions.

As a leading clean energy company with a global view, we are proud to look to the future and share our plans to reduce our own environmental footprint to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


Scope 1 Emissions – Owned Assets

These emissions come from sources owned or controlled by Invenergy. 

Reducing these emissions will include electrifying our current and future fleets, installing charging infrastructure at new sites, pursuing feasible Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) opportunities at thermal plants and monitoring for equipment leaks to reduce fugitive emissions.


Scope 2 Emissions – Purchased Energy

These are indirect emissions from the consumption of purchased energy. 

Reducing these emissions will include a comprehensive strategy to purchase renewable energy to power site operations.


Scope 3 Emissions – Indirect Emissions

These are all other indirect emissions from Invenergy’s value chain. 

Reducing these emissions will include engaging with suppliers to ensure 70% have scope 1 & 2 emission reduction targets, seeking suppliers demonstrating high performance in their reduction strategies and continued on our pledge to achieve at least 10% green steel by 2030. It will also include reducing methane emissions by collaborating with natural gas suppliers to purchase less-carbon intensive gas.

Net Zero Timeline


Reduce 50% of renewable portfolio scope 1 & 2 emissions

Address 70% of our entire portfolio scope 3 emissions through supplier engagement and reduction


Achieve net zero in renewable portfolio scope 1 & 2 emissions 

Reduce 40% of clean power portfolio scope 1 & 2 emissions


Achieve net zero emissions across entire portfolio for scope 1, 2 & 3

Environmental compliance & strategy

Our environmental compliance and strategy (ECS) team consults with state and federal governments as well as resource experts to ensure our projects incorporate real-time data insights and opportunities for resource impact minimization.

Improving Invenergy’s circular economy

We’re constantly learning and testing new ways to ensure our projects run at the highest efficiency possible, while exploring ways to reduce and recycle components at their end of life.

People Powering

Our team has helped shape the company we are today, and it’s thanks to their hard work and dedication that we continue to be innovators building a sustainable world.

Illustration - People (lottie bg)

Whether they’ve been with Invenergy since the start or joined along the way, our colleagues have seen first hand how we’ve grown and changed over the years.

Since I joined Invenergy, the biggest change I have seen is growth in the company. We were just a few people 20 years ago and now Invenergy has several plants and offices all over the world.”

The biggest change that I’ve seen in my 15 years is the level of specialty expertise carried throughout the company. Early on, we really didn’t know what we didn’t know, and we managed to succeed through hard work and perseverance. But over the years our projects and the external business environment have grown increasingly more complicated. To meet those challenges, our internal resources — whether technical, financial, or administrative – have grown so much stronger today than they were 15 years ago.”

One of the things that has amazed me the most about Invenergy throughout the 10 years that I have worked here, is its ability to adapt and develop new projects and technologies. When I started working at Invenergy, the portfolio mainly focused on 3 technologies: wind, solar and natural gas. Currently, however, the company oversees multiple projects such as storage, LNG-to-power, transmission, water, offshore wind, hydrogen, among other new technologies.”

Our dedication to safety

Whether an employee is climbing the interior of a wind turbine or operating at ground level, our commitment to safety is always at the forefront of our work. 

65 hours

safety training per services employee

Total fleetwide training hours

Fostering a culture of safety is paramount in the work we do, and to share what it means across all levels of the organization, we introduced the Safety Fireside Chat video series. 

Listen to key highlights on what sets us apart in the industry:

James Rafferty,

Executive Vice President, Site Operations

Kevin Schroeder,

Senior Vice President, Renewable Operations

Alan Beckham,

Senior Vice President, Thermal Operations

Diversity, equity & inclusion

We are as committed to becoming a more diverse, equitable and inclusive company as we are to building a sustainable world. Fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are sought, everyone feels included and can grow to their full potential is all of our responsibility.

8 %

U.S.-based employees are military veterans


cumulative years of military service by Invenergy employees

26 %

U.S.-based employees who are women

26 %

of U.S.-based new hires were women in 2022

19 %

U.S. employees are people of color

23 %

of U.S. new hires were people of color in 2022


Invenergy Affinity Groups

Invenergy Affinity Groups provide opportunities for our employees with shared interests and common bonds to connect on meaningful levels.

Membership growth in 2022

10 %
595 Members


728 Members


1,025 Members


Black & Brown @ Invenergy (BBI) focuses on increasing awareness, presence, opportunity, participation, and advocacy for people of African ancestry in sustainable energy careers.

Black and Brown 1

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, members of BBI embodied the mission of a day on, not a day off” for this National Day of Service. The team volunteered at Nourishing Hope, one of Chicago’s largest and longest-operating food pantries.

Black and Brown 2

Members of BBI participated in an event with the Chicago Urban League, one of Invenergy’s Impact partners, to discuss contracting opportunities within the clean energy industry for Black professionals. The event featured representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Economic Impact, the Illinois Power Agency, and the Illinois Finance Authority to highlight state and federal resources for Minority-owned business enterprises.

Black and Brown 3

BBI visited the Gary Comer Youth Center in Chicago to build solar and wind kits with the kids that use the youth center’s services to educate them on renewable energy. They also discussed the career opportunities available in the field.

Empowering Communities

Being an active and responsible community partner is at the heart of everything we do. As we expanded into new regions across the globe, this philosophy continues to guide us.

Illustration - Communities (lottie bg)

Total economic investment in home communities:

$ 100 M


Land costs and lease payments


Wages and benefits


State and
local taxes

From the United States to Latin America and Europe, we supported causes that meant the most to the areas where we live, develop, work and operate.

  • $2.7M

    Total cause-based investments

    62% increase from 2021

  • $673,000


  • $903,000


  • $420,000

    Health & EMS

  • $51,000


  • $717,000


Our volunteerism

Our volunteer time off program allows our teams to dedicate one workday a year to assisting nonprofit organizations and giving back to their communities. Whether it’s helping out at animal shelters, food banks, or serving as cleanup crews, Invenergy is proud of the positive impact our employees make in the world.

1000 hours

Cleaning up with Denver Parks & Rec

Our Denver team gathered at Confluence Park, an urban park encompassing the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte Rivers in Denver’s Lower Downtown, to clean out flower beds for Denver Parks and Recreation to prepare them for next spring’s plantings. 


Honoring our veterans

On Veterans Day, our Gunsight Mountain Energy Center (120 MW, Wind, TX) team had the pleasure of spending quality time with veterans at the Big Spring, Texas VA Hospital and took part in a local parade celebrating those who served.

Habbit for humanity

Building stronger communities with Habitat for Humanity

For the 5th year in a row, our team at Grays Harbor Energy Center (620 MW, Thermal, WA) put their technical and physical skills to the test using their VTO to build a home with Habitat for Humanity.


Knocking it out of the park during Sox Serve Week

Our Chicago team volunteered during Sox Serve Week, hosted by the Chicago White Sox. This week of giving included a series of outreach events that involve White Sox players giving back to the community. The team built and painted a playhouse donated to a local nonprofit.

Our impact partners

As we look back on the impact we made in 2022, one thing is clear: we couldn’t have done it without our nonprofit partners who are making a difference every day.